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Punching Pile Driver Made In China At Best Price

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The cylindrical diesel hammer of diesel pile driver takes the cylinder as the hammer seat and is directly guided by the extended inner wall of the cylinder, eliminating two guide rods. The plunger is the hammer head and can move up and down in the cylinder. During pile driving, press the pile cap at the lower part of the hammer seat on the pile top, lift the plunger with the hook, and then unhook and impact downward to compress the air enclosed in the cylinder. And carry out fuel injection, explosion, impact, ventilation and other working processes.

 pile driverThe work of diesel pile driver is started by compression ignition diesel, so it must ensure that the closed gas in the cylinder reaches a certain compression ratio. Sometimes when driving on the soft soil layer, it is often unable to ignite and detonate due to too small reaction force and insufficient compression. It is necessary to lift the hammer head with a hook for multiple times to decouple and impact before starting. The hammer seat of diesel hammer is attached with fuel injection pump, oil tank, cooling water tank and pile cap. The movable gap between the plunger and the cylinder barrel is sealed with an elastic plunger ring.

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