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Cheap Simple Pile Driver Made In China

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The center of gravity of the pile driver shall be continuously adjusted according to the road conditions each time the pile driver moves, such as the luffing position and the backward inclination angle of the mast. The mast tilts left and right. Drill pipe lifting height. Slewing upper position; If the road condition ahead is not clear, quickly lower the main roll and let the drilling bucket test the road surface. 

pile driverMark the pile top of the backfilled mud pit. If the terrain is bad, don't be arrogant or afraid of trouble, drop the mast. If the road ahead is uncertain, try to walk the machine. When straightening the machine, constantly adjust the center of gravity of the drill according to the road conditions. The sidewalk is narrow. Generally, the sidewalk is very narrow. When the roadside is softened by rain or river water, it has little bearing capacity. And most rollovers are caused by false roads (it seems real, but it's actually false).

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