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Have You Ever Seen Such A Cheap Pile Driver

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Vibratory pile driver is a kind of equipment that generates strong exciting force after being electrified to drive objects into the ground. The motor is used to drive pairs of eccentric blocks to rotate in reverse, so that the transverse centrifugal forces generated by them offset each other, while the vertical centrifugal forces are superimposed on each other. The high-speed rotation of the eccentric wheel makes the gearbox vibrate vertically up and down, so as to achieve the purpose of pile sinking. 

pile driverVibratory pile hammer is a pile foundation construction machinery used in construction engineering, which is used for the construction of concrete cast-in-place pile. After cooperating with the pile frame, it can be sunk into concrete cast-in-place pile, concrete belled pile (garlic pile), lime pile, sand pile and gravel pile; Using pile clamps, precast concrete piles and various steel piles can be sunk and pulled. It is an ideal equipment for infrastructure construction such as roads, bridges, airports and buildings. In addition, the vibratory pile hammer can also be used as the hammer of pile driving machinery such as vibratory pipe sinking machine and insertion machine. In the future, vibratory pile hammer will be mainly used in the construction of vibratory pipe sinking pile, which is a trend. In particular, the application of 60, 75 and 90 high-power vibrating hammers will certainly replace some vibrating hammers with large amplitude and high noise.

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