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The Lowest Price Pile Driver In The World

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Pile drivers are often seen on the construction site. For such large equipment, there are many requirements during operation, not only to ensure the normal use of the equipment, but also to ensure the safety of operators. Beiyi machinery specially sorted out some important safety matters in the safe operation of pile drivers.

1. The power device, hoist, hydraulic device and electrical device equipped with the pile driver shall be operated in accordance with its operating instructions.

2. The operators shall be specially trained, familiar with the performance, structure, use and maintenance methods of the pile driver they are operating, and can operate only after holding the operation certificate.

pile driver

3. Before operation, the surrounding environment, buildings and geological conditions of the work site should be fully understood.

4. The assembly, commissioning and disassembly of the pile driver shall follow the procedures specified in the operation manual.

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