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6 Outstanding Features Of Disc Trencher

Author: Date:2022/1/26 16:41:13 Visits:

6 outstanding features of disc trencher:

1. The structure design of the disc ditching machine is reasonable, and the steel of the machine body is thickened, which is very safe and worry-free.

2. It can work continuously for a long time, which is really easy to use, durable and greatly improves work efficiency.


3. One machine is multi-purpose and widely used. It can be applied to engineering construction and agricultural production.

4. Suitable for all kinds of soil, hard soil, clay, black soil, mountain, soft soil and cement land.

5. Good trenching effect, flexible adjustment of depth and width, convenient operation, simple and practical. Especially when excavating narrow and deep trenches (buried pipelines or cables), the operation effect of the machine is more prominent.

6. Wide supporting power and simple operation. As long as the user who can drive the tractor can control the trenching operation.

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