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5 Advantages Of Disc Trenching Machine

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5 advantages of disc trenching machine:

1. The effect of slotting and trenching is good: the open ditch can be as narrow as 10-40 cm, up to 1.2 meters deep, and the ditch is straight and steep, forming at one time;

2. Good quality and long service life: the disc trencher developed by our company is made of special materials and improved technology, with long service life;


3. High trenching efficiency: it is incomparable between manual and excavator, and the operation efficiency is 3-5 times that of excavator. Especially in excavating oil parking pavement and cement pavement, the operation effect of disc trencher is particularly prominent.

4. The disc trencher has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

5. Better slotting quality. The road edge wall cut by the road edge stone trencher is flat, the depth of the groove is fixed, and the groove is straight. It is on one line, which is very suitable for laying the road teeth.

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