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The Disc Trencher Can Be Used To Excavator

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The disc trencher can be used to excavate narrow and deep underground trenches in construction projects to bury underground drainage pipes, or in railway, post and telecommunications, urban construction and other departments to bury cables and pipelines, and can also be used for ditching, fertilization, drainage and irrigation in orchards, vegetable gardens and other farmland environments. The large disc trencher adopts integral structure and suspension link, and is driven by rear output shaft. It is applicable to the ditching of roadside stones on both sides of rural roads and the construction of landscaping. 

trencherThe disc ditching machine adopts alloy cutting tools and is suitable for ditching hard pavement such as asphalt road, concrete and water stabilized pavement. The disc ditching machine developed and produced by our company is very suitable for agriculture and engineering because of its neat shape, loose soil, uniform depth up and down and symmetrical width. In agriculture, it is very suitable for farmland irrigation, pipeline laying, orchard management, crop planting and harvest, etc. In terms of engineering, it is very suitable for ditching along stone, highway, concrete pavement, frozen soil, etc. It is a kind of trenching and trenching machinery used in earthwork construction. It is similar to excavator in many ways. It has the functions of soil penetration, soil crushing and soil borrowing.

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