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Ditching Machine Made In China At Best Price

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The trenching machine is mainly used for trenching tap water pipes, communication optical cables, cables, etc. The ditch can be dug for about 400 meters per hour. The trencher machine adopts a rotary ditcher, which is divided into large, medium and small. Small: the ditching width is 50cm, the depth is 50cm, and the working efficiency is 150-450m / h; Medium: the width of the ditch is 50cm, the depth is 100cm, and the working efficiency is 150-500m / h; Large: 50 cm wide and 150 cm deep. 

trencherThe disc trencher is a new type of trenching equipment specially used for 30 HP tractors. The utility model realizes the slow running at low speed by installing an ultra-low speed transmission on an ordinary tractor, so that the ditch depth is unified up and down and the width is symmetrical left and right.

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