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The Price Of This Trencher In China Surprised Me

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The rotation of the diesel engine in the power system is transmitted to the reduction gearbox in the reduction system through the quadruple belt, and then the main chain wheel installed on it is driven, and the main chain wheel drives the chain engaged with it to rotate. The cutter is installed on the chain. Driven by the power system, the chain drives the cutter to rotate and move horizontally, so as to realize trenching. By adopting the chain trencher described in this scheme, the depth of the excavated groove is consistent, the width is uniform and the size is adjustable, which greatly improves the excavation quality and efficiency.


The chain trencher adopts the power of 60-140 horsepower. In order to excavate the ditch types with different widths, it can be refitted into two types of single and double chains, which can excavate the ditch types with the width of 13-55 cm and the depth of 1.5 m. The most important feature of the utility model is that the excavation speed is fast, up to 500-700 M / h, the failure rate is low, simple and practical.

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