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When ditching operation, pull rope pointing method or pole pointing method should be used to ensure the straightness of ditching. If there is a bend in ditching, trencher can be corrected slowly by pushing the handrail frame, but the force can not be too fierce, and it is strictly prohibited to use the steering handle to adjust, so as not to cause accidents or damage parts. During ditching operation, no one shall stand in the soil division area to prevent broken bricks and tiles from flying out and wounding people. 

trencherTo choose no gravel, broken bricks, sticks and other debris field operations, dry soil is required to ensure the quality of operation. It is strictly prohibited to work in old graves, old house bases, old road sites and other similar places to avoid damaging blades and other machinery parts. Due to the mechanical structure of the limit, close to the field can not be ditched, generally from the field of 1 meters or so in the first ditch, and then, according to the agronomy, machinery and drainage requirements, choose the appropriate width in turn ditch.

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