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Hydraulic Pasta Machine 20% Off Today

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The hydraulic pasta machine is driven by a motor and an oil pump to process vermicelli, ramen and potato powder. The hydraulic pasta machine has the advantages of small volume, high production efficiency, convenient movement and easy cleaning. The parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel, antirust and wear-resistant materials. The machine uses 220V single-phase motor, which is suitable for collective canteens, restaurants and small powder processing plants, improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity. With high efficiency, it can be processed into 100 kilograms of noodles per hour and more than 300 bowls of boiled noodles. 

pasta machineThere are many kinds of noodles, such as two fine noodles, leek leaves, rice noodles and so on; High degree of automation, one bowl at a time, automatic cutting of noodles, quantitative and bowl setting operation; Cost saving, noodles do not touch the noodles, directly put into the pot, save water and electricity. It is a good helper of the noodle restaurant. The pasta machine adopts a brand-new design to adapt to any pot, no matter what kind of pot or stove, it can be handled by the unified machine, which is convenient to use and move freely. This machine is a new type of hydraulic machine developed on the basis of ordinary machine, which is simpler to operate and more powerful.

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