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Configuration Advantages Of Sichuang Pasta Machine

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Configuration of Sichuang pasta machine:

1. The number of pressing rollers of the noodle machine ranges from one pair of rollers to ten pairs of rollers, the width of the pressing roller ranges from 220 ~ 550 mm, the diameter of the pressing roller ranges from 90 ~ 300 mm, single head, double head, semi-automatic noodle machine, full-automatic noodle machine, noodle skin integrated machine, and various models and specifications can be selected arbitrarily.

2. Customers can choose the model of forward (right hand) or reverse (left hand) operation according to the site conditions.

3. The automatic section of the noodle machine can be adjusted in two ways. A. make dried noodles, which can be cut into 2400 ~ 2800 mm long ones. The noodles are lifted to the parallel chain of the upper frame by the strip picker for further drying or drying. B. For the production of wet noodles, you can set short noodles cut into certain specifications (such as 300, 400, 450, 500, 600 mm, etc.) according to your requirements for direct packaging.

pasta machine

Advantages of Sichuang noodle machine:

1. Sichuang noodle machine is an old brand manufacturer worthy of the name (you can inquire on the official website of Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce), with rich experience.

2. Sichuang noodle machine integrates the production workshop and equipment display, and observes the production site of the equipment with your own eyes, so as to eliminate your worries about after-sales. If you are not satisfied with the equipment, we can modify the equipment at any time according to your needs.

3. The equipment is guaranteed free of charge for two years. If the motor is damaged, it will be replaced free of charge for life. For those who buy the machine, our company can provide free on-site training, free marketing scheme and free use for you, so that your products can easily enter the market and enter shopping malls or supermarkets.

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