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Introduction To The Features Of The Upgraded Pasta Machine

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Introduction to the features of the upgraded pasta machine

1. The diameter of pressing roller is large, which conforms to the characteristics of noodle making process. The dough is smooth and has enough tenacity. The noodles are more delicious.

2. Alloy coarsening roller and solid thin roller make the network structure of gluten better and the taste of noodles smoother.pasta machine

3. Full open thickener is durable. The whole machine adopts high-strength NJ series bearings and guide shaft transmission structure, which has higher output and more stable and reliable performance,

4. Ball milled cast iron gear has good wear resistance and its service life is 4 times that of similar products.

5. Heat treatment high-precision cutting machine, advanced technology, durable, smooth, smooth and beautiful cutting surface.

6. Automatic rod passing one by one, saving labor.

7. Dual power supply parallel drive, more reasonable power distribution, longer service life, more convenient operation and less worry in maintenance. (preferred by old users)

8. It is an ideal model for medium-sized drying line.

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