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Operation Guide For Multifunctional Pasta Machine

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The multi-functional pasta machine is driven by a motor to process powdered dough, ramen and potato powder. This machine has the advantages of small volume, high output power, convenient movement and easy cleaning. The parts touching food are made of stainless steel, rust proof and wear-resistant materials. The machine uses 220V single-phase motor, which is suitable for group canteens, restaurants and small noodle processing plants. It improves the working power and reduces the labor intensity.

pasta machine

Structure and operating principle of the multifunctional pasta machine: the machine is composed of motor, gear oil pump, hydraulic cylinder, manual valve, overflow valve, pasta cylinder, hopper and other parts. During operation, the material is filled into the pasta cylinder with a hopper. The motor drives the hydraulic cylinder to press down to push the material through the mold, and the mold kneads the material.

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