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The Hydraulic Pasta Machine Is Used To Process Noodles

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The hydraulic pasta machine is used to process noodles like noodles, ramen noodles and potato flour with a motor driven oil pump. The machine has small size, high production efficiency, convenient movement and easy cleaning. The parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel, rust proof and wear-resistant materials. The machine uses a 220v single-phase motor, which is suitable for collective canteens, restaurants and small noodle processing plants. 

pasta machineIt improves the working efficiency and reduces the labor intensity. The hydraulic pasta machine has obvious advantages: the noodles are authentic, and the dough can be pressed into shape without the need to add a pulling agent. The taste and taste are similar to those of manual production; High working efficiency, 100 jin of noodles are processed every hour, and more than 300 bowls of noodles are cooked, which is more than twice of that of ordinary noodle drawing machines; There are many kinds of products, such as two fine noodles, leek leaves, rice noodles, etc; High degree of automation, one bowl at a time, automatic cutting of noodles, to achieve quantitative, fixed bowl operation; It can save costs. Noodles do not stick to plastic noodles. They can be directly cooked. It can save water and electricity. It is a good helper for noodle restaurants.

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