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Operation Requirements And Precautions Of Pasta Machine

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Operation requirements and precautions of pasta machine:

1. The single-phase motor will generate static electricity during movement. Before using the machine, connect the ground wire first.

2. Before starting the machine each time, check that the screws at all parts should be tightened and no looseness is allowed.

3. The bearing shall be well lubricated, and it is not allowed to work without lubricating grease.

4. The hopper shall be installed in place, and the connecting nuts and nuts shall be tightened without looseness.

5. The power supply, wire and plug electrical components shall be free from damage and leakage, and the machine shall not be started before checking.

pasta machine

6. After startup:

(1) The hydraulic cylinder shall operate in the direction indicated.

(2) The machine operates stably without any abnormality.

(3) Cut the live dough into suitable sized pieces for use.

(4) When filling with face hammer, do not stretch too deep to prevent hand pressure.

(5) The processed flour or the flour for extruding the noodles should be mixed evenly according to the requirements of the natural material ratio. It is not allowed to fill the induction flour into the flour cylinder to prevent the machine from working overload due to blocking the outlet, damaging the machine parts or burning the motor. After filling, it should prevent idling for a long time. When stopping the filling, the power switch should be turned off in time.

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