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Log Cutting Saw Today Offer A 60% Discount

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Log cutting saw manufacturers briefly talk about the impact of processing technology on the precision of parts. The errors caused by stress and deformation in the machining process mainly include the following aspects

1. The stiffness of the tool itself. When the stiffness of the cylindrical turning tool is relatively large, the stiffness of the tool bar is relatively poor. There is a stiffness gap between them, which will cause the tool bar to be stressed and deformed, thus affecting the machining accuracy of the hole;

log cutting saw

2. The rigidity of the workpiece. When the rigidity of the workpiece is far lower than that of the machine tool and cutting tool, the workpiece may deform due to insufficient rigidity in the process of machining, which affects the machining accuracy of parts;

3. The stiffness of the machine tool itself, and the measurement of the stiffness of the machine tool can only rely on the experimental method.

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