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How To Maintain A Log Cutting Saw

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Log cutting saw is improved according to the domestic advanced models and uses linear guide rail, precision bearing and linear bearing. It has the advantages of compact structure, low power consumption, high precision, large worktable area, automatic starting cylinder, automatic clamping, automatic material return and automatic shutdown device, long service life and so on. It can also customize the round wood cutting saw according to the needs of users. This saw adopts the side moving pneumatic principle to cut automatically, The log can be cut off instantly, which is efficient, fast, safe and convenient. It can freely adjust the cutting round-trip speed and has a high degree of automation. It is an ideal helper for log processing machinery. Introduction to round wood cutting saw products: log cutting sawdetailed introduction to the operation of automatic round wood cutting machine: I. simple price of machine tool: 1. The principle of circular saw blade sawing without pipe rotation is adopted. 2. The cutting speed is controlled by frequency conversion and can be adjusted at will. 3. Cutting speed: about 5 seconds / cut. 4. Cutting repetition accuracy: ±. 1mm 5. Saw blade thickness: 3-5mm, depending on different materials. 6. It can be used in a certain range. 7. Scope of application: all kinds of soft and hard miscellaneous wood and square wood such as Chinese fir, pine, pressed wood and poplar. 8. The surface of saw mouth is smooth and flat.

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