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Operating Guide For Log Cutting Saw

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The advantage of log cutting saw is to reduce manual increase efficiency, convenient operation of saw blade simple saw cutting surface is smooth, so there will be a lot of users favor this equipment, so in addition to the advantages of small make up to share with you, it has what specific content? Let's take a look.

1, according to the size required to set the sawtooth position, one-time sawing;

2, automatic wood sawing machine only one or two people can control the work of wood sawing, daily output is huge, safe and efficient to save production costs.

log cutting saw

3, the log can be put on the conveyor belt, automatic feed saw cut into the required size of wood to meet the standard log processing needs.

4, automatic feeding sawmill, realized 1 person operation can saw 200 square wood per day, improve output, save manpower.

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