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Operation Guide For Log Cutting Saw Machine

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Operation Guide For log cutting saw Machine£º

1. Before operation, the saw blade shall be checked to ensure that there is no crack. The screw must be tightened. The saw blade shall not have two consecutive teeth broken. The crack length shall not exceed 2cm. If there is a crack, the crack hole shall be punched at the end (to prevent further crack Development).

2. Operators must wear protective glasses. Stand on the side of the saw blade during operation, and do not stand on the same straight line with the saw blade, so as to prevent people from being injured by the ejected wood. The arm must not cross the saw blade.

log cutting saw

3. The material must be fed close to the back of the mountain, and the force must not be too strong. The material can be received by hand only when the discharge exceeds 15cm of the saw blade, and it is not allowed to be hard connected by hand. When the wood is sawed close to the end, the lower hand shall receive the material and the saw. The upper hand shall not directly feed the material by hand, but shall be pushed by wood. When sawing, do not move or lift the board from side to side, and do not use force to feed

4. The short and narrow materials shall be pushed with a stick, and the material shall be received with a planer hook. It is forbidden to saw the short materials less than 50cm long.

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