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Application Of Small Wheel Diesel Loader

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When learning to drive a small diesel loader, you should pay attention to gently stepping on the accelerator: that is, when the wheel loader is operating, the heel is close to the cab floor, and the foot is parallel to the accelerator pedal. Gently press down the refueling pedal and always keep the pedal pressed gently. In this way, the fuel can be fully burned, and the excessive throttle during operation will not make the driver's feet heavy and his hands messy. The wheel diesel loader is easy to operate and flexible. 

diesel loader

It is suitable for construction engineering, farmland and water conservancy engineering, environmental sanitation waste, sand and gravel yard, granary, rice factory, flour factory and food factory. It is used for shoveling and loading bulk materials such as sand and gravel, coal, grain, feed and industrial raw materials. One function can complete the work efficiency of 10 people, which can save a large number of labor force and significantly improve work efficiency. The products are of high quality and low price. It is a good helper for the owners to get rich.

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