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According to the actual situation of each diesel loader manufacturer, the diesel loader of our company carries out the overall design again, optimizes various performance indexes, strengthens the strength and stiffness of structural parts, and greatly improves the reliability of the whole machine. Refine the system structure. Such as vibration damping of power system, structural optimization of heat dissipation system, performance index optimization of working device, dust prevention of each hinge point, industrial modeling design, etc. 

diesel loaderElectronic technology and load sensing technology are used to realize the automatic shift of gearbox and the application of hydraulic variable system, so as to improve efficiency, save energy and reduce the operation cost of loader. Improve safety and comfort. The cab is gradually equipped with FOPS & ROPS function. The environment in the cab will be close to the direction of the vehicle. The steering wheel, seat and each joystick can be adjusted to make the operator work in the position.

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