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Advantages Of Wall Rendering Machine From China

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Advantages of wall rendering machine from China:

1. The project date can be greatly advanced: single project can achieve excellent project.

2. A plastering machine can work for 10 craftsmen: no scaffold and save the cost of building shelves.

3. Special chute, special steel wire rope: stable operation, no wire falling, continuous wire and no wire jam.

4. Perpendicularity, flatness and smaller than manual error: reduce the labor intensity of craftsmen and improve work efficiency.

5. Dual motor split operation: the lifting speed is uniform and stable, the operation is completed independently, and the wall is flat, bright and smooth.

6. No landing ash: save water and materials, which is about 20% less than manual ash and materials, and reduce the construction cost by about 1%.

rendering machine

7. Light and convenient: it is widely used in the interior and exterior decoration of houses, saving time, labor and materials, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving work efficiency.

8. Unique lifting clutch device: it reduces the trouble that the wall plastering machine is equipped with multiple sets of pillars, and can paint the wall at any height.

9. The adhesion force is stronger than manual strength: it has the function of slurry lifting in the production process, and two people a day can produce 400m2 inner wall.

10. The plastering machine does not need to be scarred and leveled: there is no dead corner, crack and ash leakage. The doors, windows, columns and internal and external corners can be painted freely. The mortar flow and speed can be adjusted at will, which is more than ten times the efficiency of manual plastering. The plastering quality meets or exceeds the national excellent engineering standard, improves the engineering quality and reduces the engineering time.

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