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Cleaning And Maintenance Methods Of Rendering Machine

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Cleaning and maintenance methods of rendering machine:

Cleaning and maintenance of the plastering machine is very important. Thorough cleaning and immediate maintenance will make the plastering machine look like a new one every day, and regular maintenance and cleaning will prolong the service life of the plastering machine.

rendering machine

Cleaning method: washing key points: inside and outside of conveyor belt, vibrator, front and rear of formwork, ash hopper, hydraulic casing, climbing wheel, caster and surface washing. 1. There is sand dust on the vertical pole. Wash it up and down with woven bags covered with water. 2. If there is sand and dust on the nylon wheel, pull out the vertical rod, hit out two sleeves with hydraulic pressure and wash them with high-pressure water.

Maintenance of plastering machine: the guide column in the oil window, the movable part of the plastering board turnover rod, the clutch plate of the electromagnetic clutch, the hydraulic sleeve, the chain, steel wire rope and all solid wires should be oiled once a day.

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