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Common Faults And Troubleshooting Of Rendering Machine

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Improper adjustment of the shift device of the rendering machine. The transmission of this type of plastering machine adopts the mode of mechanical manual shift. If the shift lever, longitudinal axis, transverse axis and vertical fixing screws are loose, the transmission can also "skip". Sudden change of external load due to the working nature of the excavator and the design of the machine itself, the sudden change of external load will also lead to the "skip" of its transmission. 

rendering machineWhen the external load changes suddenly due to uneven road surface, downhill driving of wall plasterer or improper driving route, the sudden change of this load will act on the gear meshing gear of the transmission through the wheel and transmission shaft, so that the gear meshing gear will disengage due to axial thrust, resulting in "gear skipping" of the transmission.

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