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Structural Features And Advantages Of CNC Spring Machine

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Structural features and advantages of CNC spring machine:

1. The machine has no cam and rocker arm, and the mandrel adopts standardized design, which is simple and fast to install! It greatly shortens the debugging and installation time of tool holder and tool, reduces the strength of machine adjustment, further shortens the overall debugging time of products, and reduces the debugging technical threshold.

2. It has the advantages of the traditional 8-Position machine and has a group of free hands, which can play up and down, left and right freely. (it is easier and faster to produce difficult springs)

3. The imported servo motor is adopted, and the transmission and operation accuracy of the imported planetary reducer meet the European standard.

spring machine

4. The standardized guide rail design is adopted, so that each arm can maintain high stability and reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

5. New connecting rod adjustment design, convenient and fast debugging. The outer guide rail has good rigidity and stable movement, reducing machine collision and heating!

6. High intelligent module of the control system, automatic imaging detection and alarm.

7. It has an automatic lubrication system to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment.

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