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Types And Prices Of Walking Tractors From China

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Types And Prices Of Walking Tractors From China:

1. There are many tractor models: both ordinary and improved luxury models, which can meet the needs of different customer groups.

2. Tractors can be divided into two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive tractors. Tractors have corresponding four-wheel drive deformation at the same power level. Compared with tractors with the same power, these models have the advantages of good adhesion, large traction, trafficability, operability, mobility and working stability. They can better meet the use of paddy fields, hills, grasslands, soft and humid lands and areas with complex terrain, and have high productivity, With good economic benefits, the hydraulic steering device can be selected, which is flexible and convenient to operate and reduces the labor intensity of the driver.


3. The tractor has narrow track, medium track and wide track, which can be used in different areas.

4. Equipped with advanced power: all equipped diesel engines use well-known brand diesel engines, with low fuel consumption, low noise, easy to start, advanced performance and durability.

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