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Structural Features And Advantages Of Farm Tractor

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Structural features and advantages of agricultural 4WD tractor:
1. High reliability, mean time between failures is much higher than the industry standard;
2. Reinforced chassis, high traction, strong power output and higher operation efficiency;
3. The power take-off shaft shift and the auxiliary transmission of the transmission adopt the meshing sleeve shift, which is easy to shift and does not disengage;
4. Reasonable gear distribution, ideal working speed required for various farmland operations and transportation, and better operation efficiency;
5. Matched with the "national II emission standard" four cylinder direct injection engine, the torsion reserve is greater than 15, the horsepower is strong, easy to start and the fuel consumption is low;
6. The common wheelbase is 1.3-1.5m, which is very suitable for ridge crop operation with a ridge distance of 65-75cm;

7. It is suitable for dry land and grassland operation. It can be equipped with rotary cultivator, pulper, plow, rake, planter, intertillage fertilizer applicator, EBA killing machine, trailer, backhoe, trencher and other agricultural machines and tools. 

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