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How To Operate The Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

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1¡¢ Product Description: spiral juicer is developed by digestion and absorption technology. The equipment is mainly used for squeezing fruit and vegetable juice such as melon, red extract, strawberry seedling, pear, juicer, green lemon, orange, orange, tomato, papaya, carrot, ginger and so on.


2¡¢ Performance characteristics:

1. Design scheme, compact structure, customized high-yield screw juicer, unique.

2. The equipment is composed of a pulverizer and a screw juicer. It automatically carries out the process flow of crushing, juice beating and slag cleaning.

3. Conical extruder screw is selected, which has large production capacity and high juice yield.

4. The juicer is environment-friendly, energy-saving and low noise.

5. The part that touches the raw material is made of metal.

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