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Precautions For The Operation Of Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

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Precautions for the operation of fruit and vegetable juicer:

First, the operation of the juicer should be simple and have the function of safety protection. The high-speed rotation of the juicer will bring certain dangers. Therefore, we must pay attention to the safety protection design of the juicer. The juicer is generally equipped with a safety locking device. When the accessories are not installed in place, the machine cannot work. When purchasing, carefully start the power supply when the accessories are not installed, and check whether the machine is equipped with a safety locking device.


Second, the juicer is easy to clean and operate. Because it is often used to extract juice, there will be a lot of residues left in the juicer. For the health of diet, cleaning becomes very important. A good Juicer should be very simple, convenient and fast to clean.

Third, the function of juicer. A good Juicer mainly depends on the effect of juicing. Bear electric appliance's good juicer is clean and thorough, and the fruit residue contains less water. This can be demonstrated by the salesperson on site. And finally choose a variety of different fruits for experiment. Only in this way can we really test the juicing ability of the juicer.

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