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Operation Guide Of Commercial Juicer

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How to use the commercial juicer correctly.

1. There are two kinds of commercial Juicers. The first one is that the juice and the residue are separated after mixing. Drink the juice without the residue. The second method is to add water and stir. The squeezed juice is the juice and the residue are together and can be drunk together. See what you wrote is that the squeezed out is mud. It may be the second kind. When squeezing apples, you must add an appropriate amount of water before they become fruit juice.

2. After fruit juicing, the nutritional content will be greatly reduced. If the fruit is not drunk within 15 minutes after juicing, its nutrition will be reduced to 0. The best way to squeeze the juice is to use a piece of sterilized gauze and squeeze the juice by hand. The nutrition can be slightly retained. Use a blender to make fresh juice (tomato juice, strawberry juice, banana milkshake, mango milkshake, similar to farmer's commercial juice). The position of the commercial Juicer shall not be tilted, and shall be firmly placed without looseness. If the position is not good, it is better to change the place.

3. Before use, check whether the props and filters of the commercial Juicer are installed firmly. After confirmation, install the cup firmly and confirm that the food or fruit should be cut into pieces suitable for the size of the entrance of the commercial Juicer before being put into the commercial juicer.

4. Push the food into the cup, keep the uniform speed, and avoid too fast and too violent actions to avoid danger. After the food is processed, unplug the power supply and then pour out the processed food.


5. Carefully clean the internal and external components of the commercial juicer, but avoid water from entering the motor. Put the commercial Juicer in a ventilated place where the sunlight is not direct to dry completely.

When using the commercial juicer, you must strictly follow the usage rules of the commercial juicer. Do not use the attached items to push the food into the machine, such as sticks and fingers. Do not open the machine cover during the rotation of the machine motor.

Today, I will introduce you the method of using commercial Juicers, hoping to help the owners who are going to open a juice shop or the employees who do not use commercial Juicers. Correctly use the commercial juicer to squeeze out fresh juice to customers who come to the store for consumption, so that the money will roll in. So much for you today. Thank you for your reading.

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