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Operation Skills Of Sawmill Made In China

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Operation skills of sawmill made in China: band sawing machine is generally operated manually. When sawing large workpieces, two people shall be equipped to cooperate up and down. During linear sawing, hold the workpiece firmly with your hands, stick to the sawing ratio, and push forward horizontally. The long material can be lifted by the operator slightly, so that the rear end of the workpiece is not lower than the table. 

sawmillThe feeding speed shall be properly controlled according to the nature of the material and the size of the workpiece. It is forbidden to push, pull and collide with the saw blade. When the worker passes 200 mm over the saw back, he can start to pull. When the rear end of the workpiece is close to 200mm of the sawtooth, the upper hand shall be released and the workpiece shall be sawed by the lower object. When the saw blade does not reach the maximum speed after driving, do not feed the workpiece to avoid sudden increase of motor load.

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