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Preparations For Woodworking Horizontal Sawmill Before Operation

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Preparations for woodworking horizontal sawmill before operation:

1. For fixed machine tools operated by specially assigned personnel, the operator should carefully read the shift handover records to know the operation status and problems of the last shift of machine tools.

2. Check the machine tool and the operation site, and remove any sundries irrelevant to the operation.

3. Check whether the safety protection equipment is complete. Do not operate machine tools without protective equipment.

4. The viewing operation should be in the direction of non operation.


5. Check that the electrical distribution box should be closed and reliable, and the electrical grounding is excellent.

6. Check that the oil volume of the smooth oil storage part should be sufficient and well sealed. The oil pointer, oil cup, oil nozzle, etc. should be complete, the device should be correct, and the oil hole should not be blocked. Refuel according to the smooth chart rules.

7. The machine tools parked for more than one shift should be tested for empty operation, and the operation can be carried out only after acknowledging that the operation is normal.

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