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The Micro Rotary Tiller Made In China Is Easy To Operate

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The micro rotary tiller is easy to operate. Small size, low center of gravity, can turn in place. Fully functional. It can be used for ditch opening, fertilization and automatic backfilling, and can be used for separate ditch opening, backfilling, rotary tillage and weeding. Material barrier. Manganese steel ditching knives and blades are welded with welding rods, which are at least 10 times stronger than ordinary ditching knives. 

rotary tillerStrong. The self weight of the fuselage is more than 500kg, with solid materials and high reliability. It is very suitable for long-term use. Walk smoothly. The thickened rubber track is adopted, which has good walking straightness and trafficability, large contact area with the ground and is not easy to slip. All terrain adaptation. With an elevation of 45 ° and a low fuselage, it can adapt to common working conditions such as orchards, greenhouses, hills, mountains and narrow lands.

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