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Structural Characteristics Of Crawler Micro Cultivator

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The engine power of the rotary tiller micro-cultivator is transmitted to the gearbox through the belt, and the power clutch is realized by the way of the tensioning belt. Variable speed box is an integral structure, the upper part of the variable speed, the lower part of the power output, the power output shaft part and variable speed part of the general use of chain transmission. Variable speed box adopts nodular cast iron casting blank processing to make the strength higher, longer service life. 

rotary tillerThe clutch type adopts friction disc clutch, which can easily realize the functions of shifting and reversing. This type of machine is relatively expensive, but the expansion ability is outstanding, equipped with the corresponding agricultural tools can complete rotary tillage, ploughing, sowing, threshing, pumping, spraying, power generation and transportation and other operations, can realize the real multi-functional and multi-purpose.

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