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Disinfection Vehicle Is Also Known As Sprinkler

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Disinfection vehicle is also known as sprinkler, multifunctional sprinkler, landscaping new energy sprinkler, water tank truck, fog gun sprinkler and water truck. The sprinkler is suitable for washing all kinds of roads, trees, green belts and green grounds, construction of roads, factories and mining enterprises, and washing of high-altitude buildings. 

disinfection vehicleIt has the functions of watering, dust suppression, high and low-level spraying, spraying, guardrail washing, water transportation, drainage, emergency fire fighting and other functions. The basic composition of Dongfeng sprinkler: antirust tank, new energy sprinkler, power take-off, transmission shaft, self-priming sprinkler pump, pipe network, manufacturer of new energy sprinkler, spraying outlet, working platform, class II chassis, etc.

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