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Operation Guide For Electric Disinfection Truck

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Spraying vehicle, also known as multi-functional green disinfection vehicle. Used for urban roads, large factories, troops, gardens and other units to clean the road, sanitation, dust, watering, spraying pesticides, to beautify the environment.

Before spraying and then sprinkling, the front is equipped with duck nozzle or round head nozzle, behind is equipped with cylindrical sprinkler nozzle or shower nozzle, the rear has a working platform, equipped with high pressure water cannon. The rear can also be installed with 8 nozzles (optional) water sprayers are generally used to wash streets.

disinfection vehicle

1, cooling. Sprinkle water on the road in hot weather to cool it down and protect the road, because it can crack when it gets too hot.

2, dust. Road dust is larger, sprinkling dust can be wet, effectively prevent dust Yang up, so as to reduce air pollution.

3. Green gardening. The water column shape of the sprinkler can be adjusted into straight flush, heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, etc., which can irrigate roadside flowers and trees, or wash the dust on trees.

4. When the fire truck is used in emergency. Sprinkler with high pressure water cannon, shooting range of up to 30-50 meters, so in an emergency can be used to put out the fire, its own assembly of fire interface, but also provides greater convenience for its water.

5. Carry water. China is located in a number of temperature zones, the distribution of rainfall around the uneven, coupled with weather anomalies and other factors, resulting in drought in many places, people and livestock drinking water is more difficult.

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