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Scope Of Application Of Dust Suppression And Disinfection Vehicle

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Scope of application of dust suppression and disinfection vehicle:

1) Municipal sanitation projects such as smog control in urban streets, disinfection and sterilization in public places, and landscaping.

2) Dust generated during production, construction and transportation in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, construction sites, house demolition and reconstruction sites, site leveling sites and other fields shall be spray to reduce dust.

3) Spray dust suppression is applied to the bulk material handling yards of open-air coal, coke, sand, stone and other industrial and mining enterprises.

disinfection vehicle

4) The front washing, rear sprinkling and rear operation water cannon are applicable to the environmental protection and dust reduction of urban roads, road cleaning and billboard cleaning. The left and right green irrigation devices can be used for the irrigation of highway green belts.

5) When the special railway dust suppression vehicle is designed, it can spray dust suppression and solidification agent on the coal loading point, solidify the coal on each train, form a protective film, reduce dust pollution, and stop spraying at the induction interval between each car.

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