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Operation Guide for Electric Three wheel Disinfection Vehicle

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Electric three wheel disinfection vehicle, the tank body is made of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel plate, which is acid resistant, alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. It is commonly used for spraying disinfectant and disinfecting water.

The whole electric tricycle disinfection vehicle is composed of: water pump, water cannon, working platform, power take-off, forward flushing, back sprinkling, universal nozzle, gravity valve, filter screen, distribution valve, nozzle, etc. The electric three wheel disinfection vehicle has the advantages of flexibility, large trafficability, simple and convenient operation, etc.

disinfection vehicle

Within 1m of the width of the car, you can walk in the narrow aisle, and one person can complete the watering and disinfection operation. It is also suitable for township activity square, community road, factory road, park greening road and livestock breeding plant. The electric three wheel disinfection vehicle can also be equipped with a multi-function high-pressure water gun for car washing and greening seedlings.


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