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Repair Method Of Gantry Milling Machine Guide Rail

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Repair method of gantry milling machine guide rail: the machine tool guide rail is mostly made of steel or cast iron. If this kind of guide rail is scratched, it should be repaired, otherwise it will expand the scratch and even affect the use of the machine tool. In the long-term use process of machine tool guide rail and other friction pairs, due to different degrees of friction between the two contact surfaces, 

milling machinethe surface of the friction pair is worn to varying degrees, which seriously affects the machining accuracy and production efficiency of the machine tool. For the repair of machine tools and other worn parts, metal plates and polymer materials are usually inlaid or replaced. It not only requires a large number of accurate processing and manufacturing, but also requires manual scraping and grinding of the machined surface. There are many repair processes and long construction period.

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