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CNC Planer Milling Machine Operation Guide

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CNC longmen milling machine is suitable for all kinds of machinery, can be boring and drilling and various types of improvement according to user needs, and at the same time for a variety of processing and manufacturing. Milling and boring heads are used to mill horizontal, vertical or chute medium - to large-size ferrous or non-ferrous metal parts. CNC gantry milling machine has the characteristics of large stiffness, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple structure and comprehensive performance.

milling machine

The precision of CNC gantry milling machine refers to the original precision of the machine tool without external load, the precision is usually expressed by its opposite value, deviating from the ideal state. The smaller the error, the higher the accuracy; On the contrary, the greater the error, the lower the accuracy. CNC gantry milling machine test operation also need to check the accuracy. Specific methods are as follows:

Start CNC gantry milling machine to move the table, check whether the movement direction is consistent with the rotation direction of the motor, and observe the lubrication of the table guide rail. If lubrication is not good, please add lubricant in time.

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