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Operating Procedures Of CNC Gantry Milling Machine

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Operating procedures of CNC gantry milling machine:

1. Before operation, check whether the handles and buttons of all parts are normal, fill lubricating oil according to regulations, and test run at low speed before operation.

2. Wear work clothes and helmet before work. It is forbidden to wear gloves during operation.

3. The clamped workpiece shall be stable. Loading, unloading, tool setting, measuring, speed changing, tightening the spindle and cleaning the machine tool must be carried out after the milling machine stops stably.

4. It is forbidden to release measuring tools, workpieces and other sundries on the workbench.

5. When starting up, check whether the mutual position of workpiece and milling cutter is proper.

milling machine

6. When the tool is automatically driven, the handle and the screw thread should be disconnected; The workbench cannot go to two limit positions, and the limit block shall be installed firmly.

7. During operation, it is forbidden to clean the machine tool with hands or cotton yarn. People cannot stand in the tangential direction of the milling cutter, let alone blow cutting chips with their mouths.

8. The cutter bar, pull rod, chuck and cutter shall be installed and tightened before startup, and the spindle rotation shall not be used to assist loading and unloading.

9. After use, turn off the power supply, clean the machine tool, put the milling head in the empty position, and move the workbench to the center.

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