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Precautions During Operation Of Gantry Milling Machine

Author: Date:2022/11/11 9:38:45 Visits:

Today, I would like to share with you the operating procedures of gantry CNC milling machine:

1. Before operation, check whether the handles and buttons of each part are normal, add lubricating oil as required, and test run at low speed before operation.

2. Wear work clothes and work caps before work, and do not wear gloves during operation.

3. The clamping workpiece shall be stable. Loading and unloading, tool setting, measuring, speed changing, fastening the spindle and cleaning the machine tool must be carried out after the milling machine stops stably.

milling machine

4. It is prohibited to release measuring tools, workpieces and other sundries on the workbench.

5. When starting the machine, check whether the mutual position of the workpiece and the milling cutter is appropriate.

6. When automatic knife feeding, the handle and screw thread shall be disconnected; The workbench shall not go to two limit positions, and the limit block shall be firmly installed.

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