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Features And Uses Of Universal Spring Machine

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Features and uses of universal spring machine:

1¡¢ The computer control system imported from Taiwan and Sanyo servo motor from Japan are adopted.

2¡¢ The computer has a Chinese interface, which is easy to operate and accurate positioning. The computer can control three to eight axis servo motors, and all motors can operate synchronously and independently.

spring machine

3¡¢ There is a high-precision detection and tracking device. If there are unqualified products, it can stop automatically.

4¡¢ According to the working conditions on the fluorescent screen, the outer diameter angle of the product can be corrected at any time.

5¡¢ Automatic lubrication and oil supply design is adopted for mechanical parts to ensure long-term operation of the equipment.

6¡¢ Automatic shutdown design and automatic acceleration function of wire rack in case of wireless, disconnection and winding make production easier and more effective.

7¡¢ It is applicable to the production of double torsion spring, linear spring, pagoda tension spring, rectangular spring, wire forming, steel skin vortex spring and various fancy springs, complex and difficult special-shaped springs.

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