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Where Can I Buy The Waste Steel Bar Straightening Machine

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Waste steel bar straightening machine, also known as scrap rebar straightening machine. Old steel bar straightening machine is a machine that can recycle waste steel bars; It is also a kind of construction machinery and equipment that can process and straighten bent reinforcement, old reinforcement, waste reinforcement and reinforcement head; All kinds of waste reinforcement and reinforcement heads that can be adjusted to the range of 5-12 and 6-14; 

scrap rebar straightening machineThe fast waste steel bar straightening machine adopts double motor drive and gear reducer, which has the advantages of fast modulation speed, no jamming and easy damage. The waste steel bar straightening machine is used on the construction site to reuse the waste steel bar and straighten the steel bar waste for secondary utilization, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly.

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