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Research And Development Background Of Scrap Rebar Straightening Machine

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Research and development background of scrap rebar straightening machine: at present, thick steel bars are generally straightened manually. Where conditions permit, large tonnage cold drawing equipment can be used. For example, the winch straightening method can not only reduce the labor intensity, but also improve the strength and length of steel bars after cold drawing, saving steel. However, before cold drawing, the steel bar needs to be butt welded, and the big bend needs to be straightened manually, so it is rarely used. In the absence of cold drawing equipment, the straight hammer can also be used to straighten. Such as belt hammer, spring hammer, etc., 

scrap rebar straightening machinebut before straightening, it is necessary to straighten the large bend of the reinforcement on the column iron plate by manual method. Then hammer the small bends one by one on the straight hammer. This kind of straight hammer uses the motor to change speed through the belt pulley to drive the eccentric wheel to rotate, so that the straight hammer moves up and down. The reinforcement is placed on the hammer pier and straightened under the impact of the hammer.

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