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Concrete mixer can be said to be an important equipment of concrete mixing plant. No mixer. It's like a concrete mixing plant without a heart and can't run. So we need to maintain the concrete mixer. The maintenance personnel of the concrete mixing plant need the following maintenance operations:

concrete mixer

1. The gearbox of the concrete mixer is put into use for 50 hours, and the lubricant needs to be replaced. In the future, the lubricant of the gearbox should be changed every 1000 hours or less than half a year. The oil pump needs to check whether the grease reaches the shaft head every day.

2. After the concrete mixer works for one cycle, the residue of the mixture shall be removed, and the mixing shaft, mixing arm and mixing knife shall be cleaned. During manual cleaning, it is forbidden to use a hammer to remove the residue of the mixture, because strong collision will damage the mixing knife.

3. When the gap of each part of the concrete mixer is greater than 8mm, the gap can be adjusted to 3mm by adjusting the blade or replacing vulnerable parts.

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