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The Price Of Spaghetti Machine Is The Lowest Here

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The price of spaghetti machine is the lowest here

1. Loosen the adjusting screw of the spaghetti machine and move the movable leg to adapt to the size of the pot.

2. Before each start-up, check that the screws at all parts should be tightened without looseness. The bearings should be well lubricated. It is not allowed to run without lubricating grease. The hopper should be installed in place, and the connecting nuts and nuts should be tightened without looseness.

spaghetti machine

3. Turn the handle of the spaghetti machine to make the rack drop to the pressed food until there is no gap. Hold the handle without reversing the gear. Shake the pressure rod up and down to press the food. Rotate the part number to clean the noodle cylinder and panel.

4. Move the dough cylinder to the dotted line position, load the pressed food, and move it back to the original position after loading the pressed food.

5. The operator shall carefully study the instructions before use and operate in strict accordance with the instructions. It is strictly prohibited to reverse. Before starting up, check whether there are abnormalities in all parts. If any problems are found, they shall be handled in time to avoid accidents. Iron or other hard substances shall be strictly prevented from mixing into the flour to avoid damaging the machine parts.

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