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The pancake baking machine includes a frame, which is characterized in that: the rear of the frame is equipped with a feeding conveying device, and the frame is also equipped with at least two groups of pancake conveying devices arranged in parallel and spaced below the discharge end of the feeding conveying device. The front and rear ends of the adjacent two groups of pancake conveying devices are staggered from front to back, and the pancake conveying device includes two conveying rollers rotationally connected to the frame and driven by the power device, pancake baking machineThe two conveying rollers are horizontally arranged in parallel, and their two ends are respectively equipped with sprockets. A conveying chain is installed between the two sprockets located at the end of the same side of the two conveying rollers, and a plurality of pancake plates are installed between the two conveying chains. The frame is also equipped with an electric heating wire located close to the inner surface of the pancake plate.

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