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How To Use The Pancake Baking Machine

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With the continuous progress of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of electrical appliances in our life, and the pancake machine is one of the more popular electrical appliances. With it, we can also make delicious pancakes at home, and it is very convenient to use. What about the pancake machine?

How to use the pancake baking machine?

1. First, plug in the power supply of the pancake machine, and then turn on the on key to put it into the preheating state. After preheating for about two minutes, the operation can be started.pancake baking machine

2. Put the preheated pancake machine into the batter basin prepared in advance, and then quickly pick it up and turn it over.

3. After the batter is dried, turn the pancake machine upside down, and the pancake skin is baked. It can be made continuously without repeated switching.

This is how to use the pancake machine.

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